Numenera: Into the Ninth World

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Monte Cook Games has started a new Kickstarter for Numenera! This time around they are trying to accomplish two major goals.

1) Create and develop more of the Ninth World
2) Start what they hope to be the beginning of a complete book series

The major focus is expanding the ninth world to leave the confines of the surface, and go above and below. Into the Night will take adventurers out of Earths hold, while Into the Deep will take them below the waves. The guidebook gave a teaser with the Raskel Kays and the Echryni, but Into the Deep will likely expand much farther below. What lurks deep in the oceans… Into the Outside take the story to pocket dimensions and other worlds. It sounds like a great way to dabble in The Strange without needing to have the rulebook or convert characters.

The book series is being started with one of the stretch goals already reached. I personally am looking forward to the MCG team creating an ongoing book series that will explore the kingdoms and creatures described in the core books, and provide insight into some of the workings of the political and economic situations of the Steadfast.

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